WINTECH eco-friendly product

According to the regulation of European Union, all industrial products should be without pollutants and according to the scheduled programs of this union; the necessary actions should be taken to provide the required condition in this regard until 2015. Therefore WINTECH like many producers of UPVC profiles in Europe especially Germany has not used leaden materials and additives (environmental contaminants and harmful for human health) with using techniques and optimized technical knowledge in formulation of products from 2008 before termination of specified scheduled period by European Union. So some calcium zinc stabilizers are used instead. Considering the importance of maintenance of environment for future generation and preventing environmental pollution, WINTECH factory of Iran along with other factories has used calcium zinc stabilizers in formulation of polymer materials and production of UPVC profiles.
In WINTECH factory of Iran, all caulking rims (T.P.V. TYPE) which are provided by UPVC profiles, are produced in accordance with the latest environmental regulations of European Union which are not harmful for environment and human life and are fully recyclable.