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Roller Shutter System
تعداد رای ها:

Technical specification

  • Size 190x190 mm.
  • Special shutter box and system with double walls.
  • Can be installed into the area between wall and beam without any encroachment walls.
  • Shutter screen blades can be easily mounted or dismounted to enable the client to maintain indoors.
  • Motorized and remote controlled functionin.
  • Ability to change the controlling system of roller shutter from manual to motorized, motorized to remote control system in 5 mins.
  • Special gadget mounted into the internal shutter box profile enables client to ventilate the flat without opening any window.
  • Using 37 mm shutter screen blades, one can wind 2650 mm height.
  • Offer aesthetic, economic and durable solutions.
  • Certified quality by national and international quality institution.