The presence of WINTECH in 15th International Exhibition of Building Industry (Visit Count : 3254)
Like past years when the summer of every year holds the international exhibition of building industry, at the month Mordad of the year 1394 (July/August 2015) also we were the witness of holding 15th course of exhibition in permanent location of international fairs at Tehran. 
International exhibition of building industry is the greatest community of internal and external companies of this industry in Iran and most important event of the year in the field of building (construction) & relevant industries of this big industry. 
WINTECH Company also like past years with similar presence in this exhibition and at the salon no.38 of this exhibition made reception of the respected visitors and representatives of the networks of selling the WINTECH products throughout the country. 
In this field and following to this glorious presence, the new product of the company in series of drawing profiles have been unveiled, which the distinction of this product with the series of sliding pair rails products which was in its performance power regarding dimensions and the number of opening doors and also the capability of installation of standard inscription in this system. From other advantages of this product which initially has been manufactured and offered to the market by WINTECH Company.  It can be referred to saving the consumption of profiles and the possibility of using it by building contractors and building engineers in variety facades and using in small spaces which opening and closing the doors or windows are impossible in the form of half. 
At the end, WINTECH Company know it necessary to thank of all respected visitors and representatives of the network of selling of WINTECH in 15th international exhibition of building industry at the year 1394 (2015) who participate and visit from our booth and also be able to draw its own clients consent by offering services and developed products as before.

Date: 8/16/2015
Source : Iran WINTECH Complex