Authentication of Certificate and Confirmation of Competence of Testing Laboratory Based on ISO 17025 Requirements
Authentication of Certificate and Confirmation of Competence of Testing Laboratory Based on ISO 17025 Requirements (Visit Count : 3793)
According to the report of public relation of the company: 

Laboratory of  ADOPEN PLASTIC PERSIAN Company (WINTECH) during performed auditing on 26.09.2014 and taking decision session dated 24.01.2015 which was held with the presence of representatives of the governmental organizations and specialized communities at the location of the national center of competence confirmation of Iran and has been officially succeeded to gain authorization of certificate of competence of testing laboratory based on ISO / IEC 17025: 2500 standard requirement in the field of UPVC profiles. 
Managing director of the company Mr. Engineer KAVEH KHODAPARAST RASOOLI while thanking the management and personnel of the laboratory of the company who with continuous efforts in the line with establishment of the standard requirements ISO/IEC 17025 in laboratory have performed, the goals and programs and executive actions effected has been declared as detailed below


Goals and Programs: 
1 – Promoting the quality (authenticity & accuracy) of the results of the test, honesty in offering the results of the test and obligation regarding the quality of the testing services offered to the customers (clients). 
2 – Increasing the satisfaction of the customers, as the most essential factor in the executive manner of the activities of the laboratory of the company. 
3 – Quality and quantity developing of the range of the tests in the limitation of confirmation of competence and continuous improvement. 
4 – Performing the test based on updated national and international standards and based on requirements of the customers in shortest of time. 
5 – Promoting the scientific level, technical knowledge and motivation of the employees (personnel) of the laboratory through offering the effective and continuous education as one principle for advance of the complex. 
6 – Obligation of the management and employees (personnel) of the laboratory, to dominate on policy concepts in performing methods and working instructive and obligation to performing the affairs in accordance with the regulations. 
7 – Obligation of management and employees (personnel) of the laboratory, to keeping secrecy and confidentiality of the information of all customers.

Executive Actions: 
Management of the laboratory of the ADOPEN PLASTIC PERSIAN (WINTECH) for the purpose of programming and establishment of the above-mentioned goals, has taken the following decisions & has made executive: 
1 – Providing the specialized and experienced human force and setting up and performing the required educational programs in the line with promoting the scientific and applicable level of the employees and personnel of the laboratory. 
2 – Supplying and establishing the equipments, tools and machineries based on latest required technology of the day for performing the tests and also their calibration in national and international valid centers. 
3 – Creating independent and adequate environment with required infrastructures for preventing from any pressure on the employees of the laboratory and being obliged of management and personnel of the laboratory for secrecy and keeping the information of the customers.
4 – Performing continuous diligence programing for controlling executive conformity of laboratory activities with executive methods and new working written instructive
5 - Cooperation and exchange of the information with national and international scientific and educational institutes in line with promoting the scientific and applied level of personnel and methods of testing

By virtue of issued certificate: ADOPEN PLASTIC PERSIAN (WINTECH), in the field of kinds of UPVC profiles, with capability of performing 14 rows of the specialized testing in the form of direct on the UPVC Profiles, is able to offer the services as described below: 
1 –“Determination of Profile Dimension”
2 –“Determination of Deviation from Straightness “
3 –“Determination of Mass per Length”
4 –“Determination of Charpy Impact Properties”
5 –“Determination of the Resistance to impact by Falling Mass”
6 –“Heat Reversion test”
7 –“Appearance change after Exposure at 150ºC”
8 –“Determination of Vicat Softening Temperature *VST* (VST)”
9 –“Determination of the Strength of Welded Corners jointsCompressive bending”
10 –“Determination of Flexural properties”
11 –“Determination of Appearance Situation”
12 –“Marking – The main profile and Supplementary Profile”
13 –“Determination of Tensile – impact strength”
14 –“Colorimetry – Color Measurement”

Also it is worthy to mention that this laboratory has necessary cooperation from the year 1391 (2002-03) as collaborator laboratory of Iran Standards National Organization with certificate no. /ASH2626 with general department of standard of East Azerbaijan Province, general department of standard of Kurdistan Province, and also authorities and relevant organs including Customs of Islamic Republic of Iran. 

It is hoped that with effort & Endovour of the management and employees of the laboratory of ADOPEN PLASTIC PERSIAN (WINTECH) , offering the services to the customers has been continued with the excellent quality, and users of the services of this laboratory with offering their views to this complex, may cause daily increasing advance and improvement of offered services by this laboratory. 

Date: 2/11/2015
Source : Iran WINTECH Complex