The presence of Wintech in the 6th international Exhibition of Door and Window in Iran (Visit Count : 3442)
6th international Exhibition of Door and Window of Iran, with effective presence of WINTECH Company and unique welcoming of visitors of network of the sale representatives of the company, as the greatest annual event of profiles industry of door and window UPVC at the permanent location of international exhibitions of Tehran has been held. Booth of the WINTECH Company was also located in salon no.38, which has had significant presence in the exhibition. 
WINTECH as one of the greatest manufacturer of the UPVC Profiles in the country, the protection of consumers and sale representative network know it as its honor and permanently try to supply the products with the best quality and respond to its customers. Therefore, requirements, it has participated in this exhibition with the purpose of marketing and spiritual protection for its sale representative network. 
It is worthy to appreciate & highly thank for all respected visitors, representatives of the company and all colleagues who accompanied us, and with their presence encouraged & gratefully us, and it is hoped that for developing more and better relation in the field of offering products & services, permanently assisted us and were our supporters and in the future years with mutual cooperation will be witnessed of the ever flourishing of this industry in our dear country. 
It is requested that should existed any suggestion or criticism regarding the booth of WINTECH company and the response of our colleagues in 6th international exhibition of door & window, please inform us through criticizes and suggestions section in the site of the company till we can offer better & more capable services to our customers.

Date: 1/28/2015
Source : Iran WINTECH Complex