Introduction of Company


ADO companies in Antalya - Turkey is the owner of all factories of WINTECH in Iran and other countries (Turkey, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Tunes and India). This company established in 1956 and started its activity with production of plastics required for the sole of shoes. These companies have continued their activities under management of Sak Family for more than half a century and their development and progress are continued up to now. Besides production of UPVC profiles required for construction industry, these companies have several factories in three continents of Europe, Asia and Africa and eight countries in the world which produce different kinds of internal doors of the buildings with material composite (WOOD PVC), UPVC covers of big industrial halls, several PVC pipes, and several cement and modular concrete molds factories and factory of producing different kinds of Accessories required for UPVC door and window industry. These companies have extended activity in the field of mass production of residential buildings, constructional companies, energy production through establishment of wind and water power plants, mining products and mining companies, so employed several thousand personnel and productive and executive managers in order to manage and execute the mentioned activities. ADO companies group has established several subsidiary commercial offices, agencies and warehouses in more than fifty four countries which resulted in developing the target markets and exporting products. ADOPEN Company is affiliated to ADO GROUP which is one of the 280 top companies of turkey according to the latest evaluation and reports of commercial chamber of Istanbul in Turkey.