Introduction of Company

Activity of Company in Iran
UPVC profile with WINTECH brand has been entered to Iranian market since 2000. Considering the advantages of this product and protective and encouraging policies of Islamic Republic of Iran in approval and execution of optimizing rules of energy consumption; this product got favorable notices and have been used in private and governmental sectors of constructional industry. So that the WINTECH complex has become successful in establishing widespread network of agencies of manufacturing UPVC double-walled door and windows through establishing sales agencies and offices and logistic warehouses in Tehran from 2000 to 2010. During mentioned period, this company tried to supply the needs and provide services to real and legal entities that have contract with WINTECH Company and its customers in Iran through importing UPVC profiles from factories in turkey.

Considering that the policies of WINTECH investing group have aimed at providing optimized services to customers, this group decided to establish factory of UPVC profiles in Iran with participating of Iran private portion at the beginning of 2010. After evaluating different regions in Iran, a land with the area of 36000m² was purchase in Foreign Investment Industrial Park of East Azerbaijan Province located at Tabriz and construction of 1st phase of factory had started. The construction of production halls and suitable administrative spaces with the area of 16000m² was completed in 18 months and the factory operated at the end of November in 2011 while utilizing the latest technology. The directors of WINTECH complex are trying to evaluate and develop the administrative, technical, industrial infrastructures and quality control, research and development units of WINTECH complex in such a way that the area of WINTECH factory increased to 45000m² and the area of production halls, industrial and administrative roofed infrastructures, raw material warehouses and mechanized warehouses increased to 20000m² until the end of 2013. Meanwhile the WINTECH complex in Iran decided to allocate 47000m² area in Industrial parks of Iran for establishing factory of different kinds of industrial aluminum profiles and thermal break aluminum profiles with anodize cover (required for construction and other industries) and manufacturing complexes of Composite profiles (WOOD PVC) as well as manufacturing factory of constructional doors using these types of profiles.