Advantages of UPVC profile of WINTECH

33% of energy leaks through door and windows. Door and window systems of WINTECH have many advantages which resulted in welfare of residents. in addition to beauty and apparent delicacy, doors and windows systems produced by UPVC profiles of WINTECH have many advantages as follows which finally resulted in comfort in buildings:

decreasing acoustic pollution

decreasing energy consumption expenses for providing desired heating and cooling requirements

no need for painting and repeated servicing for maintenance

insulated against dust due to using caulking rubbers with special design

strength against penetrating rainwater due to using caulking rubbers and installing tracks and rainwater drain valve

color and posture stability against sunlight

high stability and solidity


resistant against decomposition, corrosion and oxidation

the capability of installation of different kinds of Accessories and openable in different directions

the capability of installing multi-walled glasses

the capability of recovering without creating environmental pollution

easy cleanness

speed and ease in installation

the capability of changing old windows (iron, wooden and aluminum)with UPVC doors and windows of WINTECH in minimal time and damage